New Year in Cosmic Speed



The first entry in this new blog, the first and the only for now. In an unedited, fresh and refreshing empty online based scrapbook – or – blog which has to become my official posting platform in the next days and weeks and months.

Starting right before the New Jewish Year, Rosh ha’Shaná.

(Actually I planned to write the first entry in German, the language of the country I’m living in for now but… I got undecided and secondly I think an English introduction is just acceptable for this promised-to-be multilingual blog. )

Rosh ha’Shaná is approaching in cosmic speed. Each minute is felt to be a lost minute if not used up to the edge. How many things can be done within a minute? And each lost one makes the New Year being felt closer, more conscious, more real than before.

What a Jewish Rosh ha’Shana is or is supposed to be, this can be viewed up on each second (good) entry at Google. No need to explain, at least for now. You know, the place I’m sitting in currently is a sort of free library internet access. I’m in a pitiful situation right now, being left without almost any connection to the world right before the holidays. Disconnected from my blog as well where I would really like to post in, especially during the night hours. My favourite time. I’m not used to sleeping much, you know. It’s not that I don’t like it. I just don’t do this. Always having new ideas on what to do, so I do it whenever I can….and… well…perhaps my temporary loss of internet access will force me to go earlier to bed so that I can save some health and patience and power for the

High Holidays.

Rosh ha’Shana, 2 days on this weekend which is going to be a fateful weekend therefore.

Yom Kippur, a week after, on Sunday evening and Monday. Also a fateful, glorious, frightening and nevertheless beautiful day for all who believe. I do.

It’s common for Jews to make plans and lists on how and what they would like to change for their new year.

What have and haven’t I think about for now?…

I want to feel independent again. This means – really, seize to depend on others and their reactions, interactions or simply their presence within my life. Once upon a time, my joyous memories and experiences were based on what I did and what I experienced and went through and thought. Now they depend on the mercy of others to be part of them. This has to change again. Being self-conscious of myself, being honest to myself, being more self-secure in and out.

I have to reduce the amount of yelling and shouting at others. Definitely. Lowering the voice and thereby filling my inner self with calm which can also help to minimize the tears in my eyes when I become enraged or excited.

Thinking positively in any case! It’s not only the self-help-advice of some encouraging modern philosophy books, it’s even more – the advice of Rabbi Nachman, the descendant of the Ba’al Shem Tov (on whose birthday I with G-d’s mercy was born). So – listen and do it, as it wa said
“na’asse ve nishma”!

The advice from “Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran”: Sourire!! It’s an amazing one and I should take it definitely in account.

To stay away from men. Whatever this might mean, G-d may be with me on this path to help me recognize when it’s risky and when not. And when even more!

Last but not least for now: to keep the back and sight straight (and the nose low, means, not to be “overprided” of oneself)!

So wish me luck, as my favourite singer Ofra Haza sang on one of her beautiful pieces of art, and see you most likely after the holidays. May G-d grant us not only kind judgement and inspiration and power for the next time and so forth, but also bring back the connection between Him and His people and them with each other.

(And please, the internet access as well. :-P)

All the best,

the person who for now may be called Isralike


1 Comment

  1. Isralike said,

    September 20, 2010 at 12:44 am

    Looking back a year,
    I must say that these glorious goals should have been specified. Retrospectively, I could now say – everything has been started – and – nothing has been done to its end. There’s a lot of work to do. Other focuses to set now. Time passes and with it the focus switches. It’s a new year now. My back strengthened by the ideas and tries of the past, it’s time again to look forward to new challenges. The important point herein is only – be honest to yourself. Then all the ideals of past & present will build a secure ground for a secure and good-rooted future.

    a person still calling herself Isralike

    PS: The thing with the “men” is quite questionable…Not only I haven’t “stayed away”, I even carry one into the new year! But I surely meant other men by saying “men”… 🙂

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