2nd Response to: “Judaism: Lies and Fallacies” (attendingtheworld)

( Original article: Judaism – Lies and Fallacies)

Hello, respected person,

I would like to continue my commentary on your blog article (seen above).

We turn to one of your “lies” presented there which obviously await a little moderation again. Here we go:

Next to a picture of an Israeli military rescue plane over an area one can read:

An Israeli air force Black Hawk flies over the scene of a plane crash near the West Bank Jewish settlement of Pnei Hever, near Hebron September 13, 2009

Now again, the “truth” reponse with my green comments:

West Bank Jewish Settlement? Read this. And this! This New York Times report indicated that at least 40% of the settlement are built on stolen Palestinian lands!

Despite of what a New York Times report indicates, it’s still a Jewish settlement as it was built by Jews for Jews with Jews living in it. What does Palestinian land, even if unfortunately stolen in this case which I do not know, have to do with a character of a settlement? If I build a settlement on German soil for Chinese people, will it be a German or Chinese settlement?… Good question.

Why does Israel build illegal settlements in occupied territories? Are they running out of space?

Now that you mentioned it: the Israelis do, indeed. If the 67-borders were indeed applied as it was requested by many Arab countries, they would run out of space even more. Just look at the map exactly. The talks of a “Greater Israel” sound superior and impressive, yet on the map it looks far less significant, all this area 2-3 times smaller than Bavaria in Germany. (It’s not an excuse; just an explanation of things which aren’t clear sometimes, such as Israel’s lack of space.)

They simply bring these terrorists from Europe and other places

So “they” (the mystical Zionists) bring “these terrorists from Europe” – means, we have European terrorists in Israel? Or do you think Jewish families with origins in Europe are terrorists (and those from Yemen and Iraq not)? Or do you mean that there are terrorists coming from Europe and Jews coming from elsewhere?

Or, G-d forbid, you wanna claim that Jews come exclusively from Europe?!

(Or that Jews are terrorists? Well I expect you to be an educated person not full of antisemitic clichés, therefore the brackets.)

Ah well, I got it, it’s a gathering of terrorists from all over the world in Israel, the central base.

Please explain yourself.

– when they had no connection whatsoever with the land of Palestine

On the connection, please view other sources, it’s too long to explain. Besides, certain Jewish communities including the Samaritans remained all the time during the Jewish exile within the country.

…arm them and let them roam the streets freely

Roam the streets freely? As far as I remember, there’s too much traffic in Israel… Joke… no, seriously!

 …and allow them to kill Palestinians – any Palestinian – under the guise of self defense!

First, “before a person with a clear attempt to kill you does it, prevent it.” This is self-defense. Secondly, it’s not only Palestinians the soldiers are “allowed to kill”.It’s a pity that the majority of those who provide the reason for attacks is Palestinian or Arab. If there were Indians or Armenians threatening the borders or making war, the soldiers would attack them. Sounds logical enough?


I really hope, dear author of blog “attendingtheworld”, that my comments didn’t hurt too much your self-secureness, your self-opinion and, of course, your consciousness. I hope it at least made you think of what you portrayed to be “lies of Judaism”. I normally do not respond to polemical blog entries like this one yet for the beginning…I decided to show up and care a little for the facts said. If the next time you feel the desire to complain about Israel’s policies, I ‘d prefer you to do this without involving Judaism in it.

But it’s your decision. Do it the best you can. Not the most eye-catching others would want it to look like.





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