1st Response to: “Judaism: Lies and Fallacies” (attendingtheworld)


Original article: Judaism – Lies and Fallacies)

So, respected person over there (wherever else) who claims to attend the world.

Let us have a closer look on what you try to sell us and me, your honoured readers, as the Jewish LIE and the (Non-Jewish?) TRUTH. It’s not really an interesting article you created there, I must admit, yet it’s suprising in its shameless audacity. Let’s have a closer look then.

You write next to a picture of praying Jews at the Western Wall:

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stands in front of the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest prayer site (…) as he takes part in a “global day of prayer” (…) in response to what they described as mounting threats to Israel. The Jewish state is eyeing Iran’s nuclear programme and is under U.S.-led pressure to enter peace talks with the Palestinians that could entail ceding occupied biblical land. Some of Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jews have also been protesting against the state’s secular domestic policies.

Then the “truth” and in green you can see my comments on your truth:

The Wall in reference above is called the Al Buraq Wall. For those knowledgeable in Islamic history, you know the significance of the wall.

Islam came up about 550 years later after the Second Jewish Temple was crushed by the Romans. Therefore the ruins of this wall, a much larger part of which can be found under the Temple Mount, called nowadays “Minharot haKotel”, certainly(and as proved by the archeologists working at this ruins) belong to the Jewish Temple built in the Times of Ezra and Nehemya, about 500 b.o.e. and advanced in Herodes’ times. That the Islam liked to interprete its´events in its history to the places and holy sights existing in that century, is understandable. Yet it can’t take away the origin and true purpose of this wall, accoring to unchangeable historical facts.

By the way the significance of this wall, as far as I am informed, is that Mohammed’s donkey was bound on its corners once a time, but you can correct me freely. I am not profound in Islamic teachings.

Mounting threats against Israel? This country of pagans and terrorists

It’s new to me that Israel can be called a country of “pagans” and “terrorists”. Pagans, accoring to the majority of Israel’s inhabitants, they are Jewish, means the total opposite of “pagan”. Another large majority among the minorities of the state believes in Islam, another one in Christianity. Only a small number can be considered as “pagan” since those are mostly Thai and other Southern Asian workers rersiding mostly temporarily in the country. Otherwhise we have  Non-Jews without any belief. Still “pagan”?

Terrorists: well, as widely known, each country produces its terrorists and its civilians. You can find guerilla fighters in Venezuela, the anarchists or ultra right in Germany or France, the bandits in the army of Russia and the Hama-s suicide bombers in Gaza. And for sure some Al-Qaida members around. I am sure Israel has its terrorists anywhere, but the majority are normal men, women, children as me and you. Statistics. What can I say.

…own the largest arsenal of nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East and continue to threaten and terrorize the region with this arsenal.

Can you name us the last time when Israel threatened any other country with its nuclear weapons? Would be interesting to read/hear. And I wonder why except for Israel’s borders no other country in the present Middle East has so far complained of being threatened by Israeli continuesly. (I do not refer to Lebanon since Lebanon is at Israel’s Northern border.)

We’ve seen what weapons they’ve used in Lebanon and Gaza against civilians: dime and phosphorous bombs, targeting pregnant women and children and calling for the extermination of Palestinians.

Alright! It wasn’t Nasser in his glorious days who called through the radio of how happily he is bombing Tel Aviv (I don’t complain. It was strategically useful for him), it’s not Achmadinejad crying out for a destroyal of the Zionist regime – no, those are the Israelis who call for the extermination of Palestinians. Interesting, what radio show was this hosted on lately? Or perhaps on Channel 2 or 24, the music channel at Israeli television?

And now a serious remark – no country in this world has so far obtained an X-Ray scanning machine to scan the physical condition of the inhabitans of an area they are about to fight against. I must admit a number of grave mistakes within the army which lead to bombing on uninvolved buildings in the last war – but hey, do you seriously think Israel picks out pregnant women and children to exterminate during a war?…

By the way, this has nothing to do with Jewish lies so far.

Biblical Land? Judaism only started after the revelation of the Torah. Therefore, Abraham, Jacob, the Israelites (bani-Israee’l) and David and Solomon had nothing to do with Judaism! They did not even know what the word meant!

G-d forbid. Have you ever read something about Judaism until now? If you write (rightly), Judaism started after the revelation of the Tora, then may I remind you of a small but interesting fact – that the Israelites received the Tora and entered with it the land promised in this Tora (which means LAW). David was a king who united the Israelites in the land – after the Tora revelation; Solomon, his son, a king, built the First Temple according to the Tora.

Conclusion: The guys knew altogether what “Tora” meant (they spoke Hebrew anyways).

The word “Judaism” was developed somewhat during the era after the Second Temple’s destruction, I think. Its usage as legitimate term to describe the Jewish culture/religion started somewhere in the Middle Age. Therefore it’s right to say that Judaism as a term was unknown to the “founding fathers” and the ones after them.


End of Part ONE, please proceed to Part TWO.


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