Multilingual Internet


I don’t, don’t, don’t know whether it’s such a good idea to have a too multilingual internet. I’m really not sure about it.

It sounds like a miracle and a dream coming true to those who’ve got used already and abandoned the hope to ever type in a domain in foreign letters. In Chinese letters on in Arabic ones, for example. It is definitely a technical innovation and a step in development of the internet system.

Yet I rather think it will create unnecessary borders between countries and their surfers. It will be much easier to hide some sort of suspicious websites from anyone who shouldn’t ever visit them, or far more difficult to find them via online search. At least when it will be possible to have only the domain in own language, not automatically linked to a common Latin-lettered version. It sounds really attractive but I fear it will not help a lot but rather add to the internal chaos within the world wide web.

And I actually thought that we strive rather for global openess and unity and access than using the own language as barrier and exclude foreign language-speakers from viewing and even – typing in the adress.

Internet should speak an universal language and I seem to be conservative when I say – it had its beginnings in the Western world and its first language has been a Latin-origined one. Thus it should remain.

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