Mysterious Moon


A long time ago… before  billboards and halogen bulbs populated each town’s streets and floodlights illuminated the highways…. one would gaze up to the sky, at the moon, and follow its yellow light’s path through the dark to arrive at his destination. The yellowness and quiet brightness of the orb would fascinate and yet be so natural at nighttime.

Calendars,  the harvest, carawanes and ships on their way, entire lives of individuals and populations would depend on the moon’s appearance. Many gods and temples had the moon seen come and go, revive and disappear, in order to please the mighty and yet moveless stony luminary at the firmament.

Would we nowadays recognize the miracle of the moon’s role in the creation, now that we artificially try to prolong each night a little bit more, transform each darkness and silence into one more day of party, illuminated with glaring flashes  of each colour possible?

Do we care for the moon’s silence? And for the alternation of day and night which despite our trials to overturn the rules of nature still follows one another, as it had adapted this rhythm milleniums of years ago?

Does the speed of human civilization and its separation of anything prior, original and natural allow us to feel the special holiness? The moment when the bright, yellow, shining ball appears through the clouds and puts the darkness so much in contrast with itself – and yet looks as if there couldn’t be anything more expectable than his appearance.

… In front of my balcony, the ancient ball’s playing a game with me. Before, he frightened me by shining next to another skyscraper’s window, silent and waiting, in the background; it took him a couple of minutes to rise over the building and then he disguised himself from me behind some clouds. Again, after a while he appeared, as if staring at me and watching over what I’m writing here, in the light of my little lamp and the desktop of my computer.

How many things the moon has already seen.

And still we are not allowed to see any other side of him than the one which looks like a shouting face…or whatever it looks like to each one.

It doesn’t change, such as the Creator’s decision to put him as the ruler of night and darkness.”The big lamp for daytime, the smaller one for night time”, as it is written in Moses’ First Book , Genesis.

The moon’s spell will not change. It will always be there. And always ready for those who hold on for a while and gaze at it, to reveal a glimpse of our world’s majesty. And the greatness of its Creator.



1 Comment

  1. Y.F. said,

    November 8, 2009 at 11:11 pm

    So, a “he” is used for the moon, and it’s a “she” for the sun.
    Quite interesting if we consider gender studies, for one is–as you quoted– “big” while the other is “smaller”. Besides, one shines with light; the other reflects light. tThe whole thing goes in favor of the female figure.

    love your posts
    i read them all
    keep it up

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