Singing self-therapy


I just read that when you feel the urge to scream coming over you – you should let the urge out by doing something completely different.
For example, singing.

So now I’m trying to apply that therapy on myself (since I am a very screamish person).

First case: On this day’s trip to Amsterdam there were some guys who I would really like to know better-better. And I may not and it’s just damn curiousity eating me up from inside (although they were really sweet).
I try to apply my self-therapy on me with my song of this day (I can’t let it out of my ears):

Ha-bi-bi  – ya hawáulah!  – ya habibiiii *nananana* ”

Some Moroccan-Jewish song for Shabat.
I try to figure out what “ya hawáulah” means but fail.

Second case: A maniac friend of mine tells me once again how he would like to find a non-Jewish blond-haired, blue-eyed German girl. Per sms, for his great luck, he tells me.

My nails scratch on my computer board…….fury comes up…

aaaAAAAAARGHHHHHaaaabibi – YA HAWÁULAH!!! – ya habibi…. *bumm bumm bumm bumm on the knees* ”

Self therapy, self relief helps. In this case, only me, not my friend.
If I could only figure out why stereotypes are so attractive sometimes.





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