Ofra, a never-fading flower


No matter you read or you just miss it…

– I’m back again at re-discovering the wonderful world of Ofra Haza.

Just put my old and quite advanced collection for my kitchen couch in order and went to the computer to check Youtube for any new uploads. This I do once in a month perhaps, with always an excitement and mixed feelings towards the results to be found. Each new and rare or never seen before upload is a new chance and new miracle – and a new threat to my popularity because the uploader himself then becomes a concurrency in my eyes.

But nevertheless. Sometimes it occures that despite being a bit jealous at the lucky person who has just shared with us his new video which I’ve never seen before…

…I become so moved. So wonderfully moved. So full of sweet sadness and at the same time with delight, and joy, and almost heavenly pleasure and can’t get rid of the smile on my face which shines from it even hours after. On videos such as this one, “hand in hand”, picturing a lovely Ofra singing together with happy Israeli children on TV and fulfilling them perhaps the dream of their life.

It makes me feel so warm inside. So blessed that Ihave the access to see it. And so sad when remembering that she and her miraculous world and all the blessings in it are gone forever…

But each new piece of the rare old material makes my soul recover a little more.

If only our children would still be growing up on this!




1 Comment

  1. swegoy said,

    December 7, 2009 at 3:34 pm

    Ofra never ceases to move me to the core of my heart. Thank you, Ofra for what you gave to the world !
    You will always be remembered with love and devotion.

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