Chanukkah and more….


<<Zur Mishelo – Eshet Chayil  – soundddddddd…>>>

It’s Chanukkah time and Chanukkah reminds me again of the fact that Jewish holidays will soon return to us.. in a couple of months after this 8-day-long festivity…

Yemenite Chanukkah

So what’s so special about holidays?

Well, I thought yesterday, the special thing is mainly that the meaning of this or other holiday  is discovered at its very end and not, as one might think,at its start… This so far as my observation is concerned. I doubt I’d “feel” any holiday

date approaching if I’d not

think about it and what this means to me. The same is with any date, symbol, place, event or word. Just as things becom

e within reach and memorizable only after you know their name or at least have any idea of them in mind –  same

with meaning. Same with holiness.

Things become meaningful, valuable, holy if you grant them such attributes. To realize why something is meaningful, valuable, holy you have to enter the perspective of the one who gave them these attributes. ….

Well, anyways, back from philosophy to Chanukkah,

my Chanukkah feeling will probably be only fully developed at the time when I light the last candles and sing the last songs. Is it something to complain about?

Don’t think so. I suggest holidays are made to teach you certain things, to make you think of them & their impact on you (if you allow it to be unfolded). Some holidays, if you le

arn enough about them, might even change some character traces or sometimes even your view on life. Those should then be called the “grand holidays“. Perhaps that’s why the Jewish New Year and the Day of Atonement are called “Yamim Noraim” (more or less to be translated as the Days of Awe).

I suppose this happens because during the special days, one becomes familiar with them while celebrating. And I think this might very much be the real purpose of each holiday. As one of my friends and teachers once said, it’s not the dates we celebrate, we celebrate dates because of the thing

s happened and their significance for us.


Wish you an enlightened, joyful and warm Chanukkah!


<<<Shir la’ma’alot – Eshet Chayil – sounddddddddddd…>>>


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