Ofra, the 21st, 5 years – skipped?


Ofra Haza 97...

Dear Ofra,

on our special day, today the 21st of December, this year, 2009 it would have been 5 years since 2004. The time and day I discovered you the first time. The time and date my world changed completely anew. And me, this time I forgot to plan something so in the end I didn’t do anything at all. Now it’s late, I can’t even go for a walk, I have spent my time on other people and I feel very ashamed and lethargic even. 5 years – and nothing happened. As if I went to stagnation on your topic. No computer, nothing. Can’t even make a video clip.

Sorry, it’s a not a sign of strength nor continuation.

Love you.



1 Comment

  1. isralike said,

    December 22, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    Well, I must admit that the last hours of this day were used pretty much in honour of its speciality. I got the walk and the snow and the landscape and the night time alone and I completed this silent celebration at home. Special even for a special day. Even if in the last moment only.


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