All about communication


Hello guys, first and foremost – I am back again with a post.

From my new notebook thanks to an angel of mine – I am able to post here again.
And I have an idea to write about.
As always…an inspiration, powered by
Youtube & Facebook.

Being multilingual and having multilingual friends on my friends’ list, especially in Facebook (ranging from New Caledonia over Yemen to Indonesia), I sometimes get strange emails of all kinds and in all languages possible.

A status comment announced in Russan. An online quiz in Spanish. A newspaper article introduced in Hebrew and written in English. Various crazy messages in German. Blog posts and group invitations in Arabic. Music in French. Photos from India…


And it’s fun. Otherwise I’d be missing something.

And lately… I’ve become inspired by this wonderful singer below.

He is of Yemenite origin and singing motivating songs with  passionate rhythm and melodies. The lyrics might be too sad for someone….but just focus on the melody and the arangement.

How many distances to approach
to what then wrapped me, hugged me
and it’s empty without it
that was then and now I’m
looking to get closer

Be an artist of life.

And enjoy to COMMUNICATE!

-> You agree with me? Say it.



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