Challenges of unknown kind


The word “emeth” – “truth,” also implies perpetuation. As long as an object continues to perform the task that God created it to do, it is considered to be emeth. Conversely, when an object ceases to do its function it is considered to be “sheker” – “false.”

(Mishna Para 8.9, Reshit Chochmah)

There are assignments, requirements, challenges and goals which face the human being, the Jew. The more one gets into the material, the more one discovers. No one has asked my consciousness whether it was willing to go and open all the cards, one by one, and come across all those things which make life so difficult. If it’s up to my experience, this just happens. At a certain point, I just happen to learn about new possibilities to rise my spirit and to educate it.

All at once it would be definitely too much and not quite wise to exaggerate. Everything is a benefit if taken by the right measure.

But well, why does my mind then come across all those various, glorifying and terrifying ideas about how to increase purity?? In my eyes, I can’t handle that. G-d’s help would give me strength, I know. But in my eyes, this would be too much. For me. G-dly presence in my humble home and world is not something I can handle, I believe. Not too much of it. It’s said, G-d has deliberatley “seperated” Himself from us by not walking in our midst at the time of the Exodus. He must have seen a sense in it.

So, again: often I would just like to put the challenges to the side and rather grasp the general concept. I have challenges which might lead to greatest goals in their end. The question is, how much of one’s potential should be used and when?`Is the world needy of that?

I feel it becomes too distinguished… and there are reminders of wise people who’ve been through this obviously too, and who say that the “bad inclination” also supports the strive towards perfection…

Measure or potential? And if yes, how much of it?

It’s the time of the Counting of the Omer. Time of spiritual rising.


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  1. Ivan said,

    April 26, 2010 at 8:26 pm


    What is greater goal from salvation of your soul?

    Dearest one, dearest one, dearest one, how precious to see something like this. But several questions emerged.
    First, Quote: ‘challenges and goals which face the human being, the Jew’.
    It’s not god for a soul to have such a premise. Tho, true, being the first chosen G-d ‘s people, but with His will and by your effort and love to ‘see the face of G-d’, there is no preference in knowing G-d. You yourself stated that in your introductory lines in another form, so that is the task before all humans which have good will to ‘see the face of G-d’.

    Quote:’ For me. G-dly presence in my humble home and world is not something I can handle, I believe. N o t t o o m u c h o f i t . It’s said, G-d has deliberatley “seperated” Himself from us by not walking in our midst at the time of the Exodus.’

    In truth this is horrifying! The idea that a G-d is separated from us by His own will is terrible and in contradiction with what you quoted in introduction. Let me correct you, because this is unforgiving presumption. Do you remember Elijah? When after how many months of no raining G-d asked him to let the rain on His people, because they are suffering, Elijah responded that they are still stubborn and not willing to convert from Idolatry and worshiping devils. You see how much Goodness is in that G-d, even when people refused to see the truth He was willing to help them.
    I’m not saying that there are no sins that separate us from G-d, in an essence every sin does that, but by OUR choice and deed’s, NOT G-d’s WILL.
    The question that emerges from your statement is more puzzling.
    Why do you say: not to much of it?
    The only reason why I’m and I would say that is because of my heart attachments to ‘bad inclinations’ as you quoted. Please use the word sin, so you can seclude yourself in a right way. But what is the end of that road?
    To me this words are similar as you would say: But no to much of Ofra in my life. But why?
    G-d as a pearl of all pearls and giver of treasure, how do you not want to be with Him more and more?
    If you love Ofra you love G-d in Her that your heart has seen.
    In this is a probably answer to your trouble. Let the G-d in you do the purification and you pray for him to stay in you in a measure of your love towards Him and other people, and He will be in you. Like in the old testament: ‘I will come to you and you will be my people and I your G-d.’
    The one’s who are in this state need no teaching because ‘the word’ is in them.

    Blessed are those of pure heart because they will see the G-d.

    Eternal fame to Jesus who broth this for us to see, and gave us the door.

    I’m not saying this in order to convert you or to put one belief over the other, but from the heart.


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