Green Going On?

Can we believe it? The Green Revolution is back again in Iran?

Facebook and Twitter and all these instruments of message-spreading, the whole internet is full of “25 Bahman” and “13 Februar” . The song which had been sorrounded with mystery and fascinating magic and which was sung by countless Iranians in Europe and locally in Iran, Yare Dabestani-e-man (which I finally know means “My schoolmate” and has turned into a national anthem for freedom) is back again on screen and in my ears.

Welcome back, Iran’s Green Revolution, and we will pay thanks to Tunisia and Egypt  if this time the Sea of Green which started in 2009 and was crushed down so bloodily, will spread again over their country and its waves will finally drown the bastions of inhumanity there. Welcome back, “my schoolmates” whose songs were ringing in my ears after school had been over in the afternoon and I was heading towards the central square to join some protest rally organized in our town.

What do these guys, the students and the believers in freedom, have to counter the attacks of their cruel leaders they do not want? It’s their minds, their technology, their youth, I assume. It’s their sweet humanity they show and spite into the faces of the fanatics who beat them up and detain them about a hundred at each rally. And it’s the time. Every revolution has its preparation time and its tunring point. Time, patience and determination which they hopefully are equipped with will do its best. Hey, it’s 2011 and they still care for their country!

Courage must have its reward. I hope not I won’t need to forget the first and only Persian words I got to know back in summer 2009 – “ittihad” and “azadeh”.

And know what – I’m Jewish, Israeli and I’m behind you. This should not be a surprise for anyone.


SirrK: A most Unique feature of Our Iran Revolution is Courage-Dignity+Class of Our Relentless Revolutionaries #iranelection #sog #neda @SirrK RT




All about communication


Hello guys, first and foremost – I am back again with a post.

From my new notebook thanks to an angel of mine – I am able to post here again.
And I have an idea to write about.
As always…an inspiration, powered by
Youtube & Facebook.

Being multilingual and having multilingual friends on my friends’ list, especially in Facebook (ranging from New Caledonia over Yemen to Indonesia), I sometimes get strange emails of all kinds and in all languages possible.

A status comment announced in Russan. An online quiz in Spanish. A newspaper article introduced in Hebrew and written in English. Various crazy messages in German. Blog posts and group invitations in Arabic. Music in French. Photos from India…


And it’s fun. Otherwise I’d be missing something.

And lately… I’ve become inspired by this wonderful singer below.

He is of Yemenite origin and singing motivating songs with  passionate rhythm and melodies. The lyrics might be too sad for someone….but just focus on the melody and the arangement.

How many distances to approach
to what then wrapped me, hugged me
and it’s empty without it
that was then and now I’m
looking to get closer

Be an artist of life.

And enjoy to COMMUNICATE!

-> You agree with me? Say it.


Multilingual Internet


I don’t, don’t, don’t know whether it’s such a good idea to have a too multilingual internet. I’m really not sure about it.

It sounds like a miracle and a dream coming true to those who’ve got used already and abandoned the hope to ever type in a domain in foreign letters. In Chinese letters on in Arabic ones, for example. It is definitely a technical innovation and a step in development of the internet system.

Yet I rather think it will create unnecessary borders between countries and their surfers. It will be much easier to hide some sort of suspicious websites from anyone who shouldn’t ever visit them, or far more difficult to find them via online search. At least when it will be possible to have only the domain in own language, not automatically linked to a common Latin-lettered version. It sounds really attractive but I fear it will not help a lot but rather add to the internal chaos within the world wide web.

And I actually thought that we strive rather for global openess and unity and access than using the own language as barrier and exclude foreign language-speakers from viewing and even – typing in the adress.

Internet should speak an universal language and I seem to be conservative when I say – it had its beginnings in the Western world and its first language has been a Latin-origined one. Thus it should remain.

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