Ofra Haza: 11th anniversary of death – words

19:40 Israeli time

Along the seashore, there are no waves

There is the world, splitting into broken pieces

At the footbridge

Tell me, how to halt the tears?

Tell me, where is there another world to live in?

(Ofra Haza, “Le’orech haYam”)


...And here we are, back to this certain date. Back to the date, back to the hour. I stand in awe of this hour. What is this awe about?…

 – It’s a song of life I’m singing you, I’m singing it to the world each year anew on this very day and moment. If you look closely, you will see the paradox in that song of mine, but it’s true, it’s sincere. To be honest – it’s a song of lament over a life which you have literally left behind you. You, Ofra Haza, Jewish girl, singer, wife, woman – you went away and wherever you must be now, it is surely the right place for you to be in. That’s how it is with people who leave us. It had been your path to follow, no matter how tragic and sad it had looked like for us, friendly observers from aside.

It’s another question I’m asking. What is it that you have left past you, left for us to live with!?

My question goes further.

What is this that you have brought into the world, this spiritual child of yours you gave life to by the means of your mere existence? How did you manage to impress the minds of thousands? A tiny woman, exercising her powers like instruments, knowing they would find the right material to work on. Is it your intuition in music, your appearance and attitude towards the world and those who inhabit it?

What is it that still makes you be felt so close in people’s hearts? That the star which has stopped shining more than a decade ago, with its light it still reaches eyes and ears?

I sound too lofty; I can’t refrain from my metaphors.

But my question goes deeper.

What is it that makes me want to internalize every bit and piece of you, from toe to hair, from thought to sound?

What force does make me want to implant that seed of life you’d spread – in the souls of others?

“Those who had sowed with tears

Will harvest with joy” (Psalm 126)

Perhaps those were us who had sown the seeds I mean. Devouring eagerly with a slight trace of obsession each of your moves, words and deeds, trying hard to be surrounded by this special aura which would smell like an exquisite perfume. It would provide us with the opportunity to steal away from time to time into that “other world” which you speak of in “Along the seashore”.

Are you a seed, Ofra? Then today you must be a forgotten one, having endured famine and drought. And still, you haven’t vanished. You’re there, in that cracky soil of our hearts.

Perhaps you are also a key, the key to “this other world which is the gate to other borders”, as you’ve timelessly stated at your performance at Montreux.

Seeds, keys, forces. I struggle to understand and live up to my own images, to the best of my ability.

All the power stems from the Creator.





Ten years without Ofra. A story of its own kind.


Ofra Haza. Worth noticing.

Ofra, as usual, this entry follows your yearly anniversary date after it has already passed.

As usual, and I am glad about it, this day had been remembered the way it should be.

This time, the 10th for the world and the 5th for me, my main focus was drawn to feelings, reflections and insights.

A reconciliation to find with your passing. A love to feel while remembering. A sadness to experience, from within and not artificial at all. A recollection to make of what it has always meant to me to concentrate on you, to live my dreams within your music and to mirror myself in your eyes.

This is not an ode to an idol I prefer to worship because I am somehow too lazy for a prayer to G-d.

It’s an a little dramatic expression of gratitude, one of the main teachings in Judaism.

Ofra herself was a strong believer, turning to her Creator in good and bad times.

Once, after an especially urgent appeal by her, He just called her back to where she had always belonged to.

– We were left behind, some feeling empty and wretched and full of despair on account of her loss for this world.

But others understood the message well, the message that not the person was the main focus in this story of hers; it’s what she had to share, to  g i v e .

Ofra hadn’t been a taker that much. She received – and gave back. Gave back without hesitation. She gave her love, dreams, music, appreciation, time, devotion, ideas.

She gave us her soul and finally, her life, being honest to her Creator who had blessed her with the gift of life; and us, with the gift of having known her.

“Why, why crazy mind”, why so much appreciation to a singer, a simple Israeli woman who died ten years ago at age of 40+? Why so many exalted words, such a lofty atmosphere being created in this post?

Again, it’s a feeling of gratitude which forces me to write.

An unshakeable feeling of closeness, of brotherhood. And finally, of deep love. The way I’ve become, apart from my mother’s life-time work, was very much influenced by Ofra Haza. It’s part of her merit that I know where I belong to.I think it’s just naturally that I see it as my assignment to contribute to my friend’s long-lasting memory.

This time it has not been too much done on my behalf, but many thoughts have gone through my heart. I don’t consider Ofra being a world star. She is rather… a star of the world.

A very special treasure, to be discovered.

May her memory remain imprinted on the minds of those who knew of  Ofra.

May her merit be the good impact she made on her fellow human beings by the belief she taught, the values she was faithful to, the music she loved and lived, the treasures she gave to us.

תהיי נשמתך צרורה בצרור החיים.


Ofra, the 21st, 5 years – skipped?


Ofra Haza 97...

Dear Ofra,

on our special day, today the 21st of December, this year, 2009 it would have been 5 years since 2004. The time and day I discovered you the first time. The time and date my world changed completely anew. And me, this time I forgot to plan something so in the end I didn’t do anything at all. Now it’s late, I can’t even go for a walk, I have spent my time on other people and I feel very ashamed and lethargic even. 5 years – and nothing happened. As if I went to stagnation on your topic. No computer, nothing. Can’t even make a video clip.

Sorry, it’s a not a sign of strength nor continuation.

Love you.


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