Green Going On?

Can we believe it? The Green Revolution is back again in Iran?

Facebook and Twitter and all these instruments of message-spreading, the whole internet is full of “25 Bahman” and “13 Februar” . The song which had been sorrounded with mystery and fascinating magic and which was sung by countless Iranians in Europe and locally in Iran, Yare Dabestani-e-man (which I finally know means “My schoolmate” and has turned into a national anthem for freedom) is back again on screen and in my ears.

Welcome back, Iran’s Green Revolution, and we will pay thanks to Tunisia and Egypt  if this time the Sea of Green which started in 2009 and was crushed down so bloodily, will spread again over their country and its waves will finally drown the bastions of inhumanity there. Welcome back, “my schoolmates” whose songs were ringing in my ears after school had been over in the afternoon and I was heading towards the central square to join some protest rally organized in our town.

What do these guys, the students and the believers in freedom, have to counter the attacks of their cruel leaders they do not want? It’s their minds, their technology, their youth, I assume. It’s their sweet humanity they show and spite into the faces of the fanatics who beat them up and detain them about a hundred at each rally. And it’s the time. Every revolution has its preparation time and its tunring point. Time, patience and determination which they hopefully are equipped with will do its best. Hey, it’s 2011 and they still care for their country!

Courage must have its reward. I hope not I won’t need to forget the first and only Persian words I got to know back in summer 2009 – “ittihad” and “azadeh”.

And know what – I’m Jewish, Israeli and I’m behind you. This should not be a surprise for anyone.


SirrK: A most Unique feature of Our Iran Revolution is Courage-Dignity+Class of Our Relentless Revolutionaries #iranelection #sog #neda @SirrK RT




Obama wins 2009 Nobel Prize


The BBC and all kinds of other news programmes available online spread already the news about this year’s Nobel Prize for Peace winner. I bet those who visit Twitter on regular basis have known it even before.

Well, it’s Mr President Barack Obama, the assumably mightiest man of the world (if it’s not Iran’s PresidentAchmadinejad nowadays) and the reason why he won it out of about 205 nominees is because he apparently introduced a new form of presidency, motivated people all around the world to cooperate and strengthened the world population’s hopes and belief in democracy.

Well, I agree.But then it comes to my mind – why again such a prominent person and why again him? I wonder what the other nominees had done thatit had been less than what Obama did with his election camaign and his speeches and other efforts. As BBC points out, a Chinese dissident and another activist were among the nominees. Or similiar. And I bet there were much more. So really, I wonder, why him – hasn’t this respectable guy won already almost all honors possible?…

I wish the Nobel Peace Prize could be given many times and not only once a year. As for my opinion, I remember the course of the year and the Iran stories, the youth protesters, hunt, killed, hurt, and still protesting again and again against the regime, fighting for a state and for the right to make a revolution. If any, so all the nameless (to us!) protesters, organisators and orators, not the politicians certainly, have deserved a common Prize. Especially this year. Or at least one of them representingthe Green Revolution, how it was called once. 

As far as I know, the revolution we all hoped for didn’t take place actually. The forces were to mighty and people become tired as well. This doesn’t mean it wasn’t meaningful. So… if I was there in the Nobel Prize committee… you know my choice. And in year 1993 or 1999 or 2000 they should have given the Prize to Ofra Haza. 1993, together with Y.Rabin, S.Peres and Y.Arafat who she all sang for in Oslo. This would be just……..

Sweet dreams. Anyways, congratulations to Obama, for sure he deserves honour but certainly not him alone.

By the way….

what would  be YOUR CHOICE?