Hello my dear every-now-and-then readers,

this time I would like to share with you a thought on a quality of life called vibrancy.

Good friends have vibrancy.

Good discussions have vibrancy.

Sparkling thoughts which, after that one good discussion or two, can be heard, felt and even seen flying around in the air – all have vibrancy.

A good ride in a car with fresh air and joyful, positive music and good friends altogether makes it all vibrant and exciting.

A song sung with closed eyes out of exhiliration – not alone, but together with others who also close their eyes or leave them open – this is vibrancy.

Good food and good sleep give you power to feel the vibrancy and to experience it fully.

And all this done with a clear mind, an open and loving heart freed of negative thoughts, negative deeds and a hope for the future – all they share this vibrancy of life. I believe you can experience it at no matter what age as long as you possess and make yourself want to possess this pure heart and gain a joy which comes from within of you. When you turn on the music cause it sings within you.

This is a holiday.

Feeling vibrancy tells you – you’re alive.

(Thank you Wuppertal, Rav Aharon, Yana, Basya, Yankel, Sash…)



Happy to be born – little rebel


It’s never too late to be a rebel!

Each detail has its own beauty, as we all  should know.

Not diving deeper into philosophy, let me conclude that even our “evil and sinful  and too-far-driven-away” world where the man has his coming and going the way he likes to, yet in some point let me tell you that I am happy to be born in this age. Each decision of The One who made me has to be taken for granted as wise and complete and the way it should be.

So – His department from having an active role in our daily life and give us free will

is great!

Even if they are enough wailers to weep over it.

Move on, move forward, you have the world, it has you, do something out of it.

Never get passive. Take an active role. Whatever is prescribed.

The best thing – realise who you are, why you are here. This should be the real goal in life, always always always despite everything. If you fall down, raise up. Keep falling. Keep raising. That’s what life is for.

Enjoy it! Each generation on earth should consider itself not as “having come too late because all great people have passed away and all history lays already behind us” but as receiving everything anew and according to it.

NO weeping over how the past times were better then today. They weren’t ours! What is ours, is now. Sometimes bitter, I admit, but it is true and the moment YOU realise it you might experience your most beautiful present moment ever. Not the last one. As we know, present lasts only for about 3 seconds and then becomes past…..

[Rebel. Rebel. Rebel. Go the way you understand to be right. Check the whole life whether what you understand is right but go. ]

Whatever you got inherited, learned here and there, take it! Your right to use it. Nothing is for no purpose.

Things should be measured/valued on their ability to inspire you. Each person having taught you something, even one single word – regard him/her as your teacher and be thankful.

Gratitude leads to joy, energy, progress.

In art, you shouldn’t go against something but develop, produce, create. Blasphemy isn’t art, demagogy isn’t art, hate isn’t art. It’s a destructive force. It goes even against your own nature as we are productive in our essence, not destructive.So don’t!!! Instead of it, create something happy.


There are videos which shouldn’t be shown to little children.

Now that I’ve successfully passed that period of childhood and already being sure in my values (more or less, for now), I love looking at the forbidden and frowned one, gazing and discovering thereby new worlds where beauty has to be found yet. I’m not a person who needs to touch and adapt something on my own to get to know it. A gaze, a wondering, a question, a listening moment is enough.

“J’ai dans la tête
Des tonnes de pirouettes
Le saut de l’ange
N’a pour moi rien d’étrange”

I may say that freedom of free will has bad consequences on mankind, but for my own I can tell I am happy to have the free choice. It is said “here you have the life and the death so choose life“. I have my greatest delight in choosing “life”.

Yet I do not want anymore to miss the opportunity to look out for beauty in “death”!

I am not an ideal, not an example, don’t need to be it for myself.

Or perhaps hereby I am the best one?

[After all, it is our duty to love this world. Being religious or secular or ideologized or anti-… or whatever else.]

If you ask me what to do, I give you the best answer. But on my own, I want to live my life with my senses, still knowing that the One who gave me my soul, will love me. Because He gave me my life to be in it, to live it. And in His blessing, my soul will live. And not refrain from opening its eyes and seeing!

And be a rebel, if so is the need.

Have the courage to face the world!

So that at the end no question like this comes: “Why haven’t you made use of this world’s pleasures and beauty?”

I did!

Ehm, I am young and I am here and I DO!

[But my soul, this G-dly little great spirit in me, will tell me what is right and wrong and where the limit should always be. I believe.]

J’ai dans ma sphère
Un effet de serre
Mon sang bouillonne
Je bous de tout, en somme





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