Hello my dear every-now-and-then readers,

this time I would like to share with you a thought on a quality of life called vibrancy.

Good friends have vibrancy.

Good discussions have vibrancy.

Sparkling thoughts which, after that one good discussion or two, can be heard, felt and even seen flying around in the air – all have vibrancy.

A good ride in a car with fresh air and joyful, positive music and good friends altogether makes it all vibrant and exciting.

A song sung with closed eyes out of exhiliration – not alone, but together with others who also close their eyes or leave them open – this is vibrancy.

Good food and good sleep give you power to feel the vibrancy and to experience it fully.

And all this done with a clear mind, an open and loving heart freed of negative thoughts, negative deeds and a hope for the future – all they share this vibrancy of life. I believe you can experience it at no matter what age as long as you possess and make yourself want to possess this pure heart and gain a joy which comes from within of you. When you turn on the music cause it sings within you.

This is a holiday.

Feeling vibrancy tells you – you’re alive.

(Thank you Wuppertal, Rav Aharon, Yana, Basya, Yankel, Sash…)



Some joy (simches 1)


Just a little happy note during this long week before my holidays and during the semi-holidays of the Celebration of Tabernacles (good old Judaism) which lasts for a period of 7 to 8 days.

Jews are obliged to be happy at this time. Well, I wasn’t very much so far…


Just came back to my old tradition to buy some Ofra Haza stuff. Makes me happy. I’ve neglected this former favourite topic of mine for quite a while… Ebay saves lives 🙂 🙂 🙂

Some LPs and a long-searched-for CD!!! Yuhhhhh



PS: Look up for “Ofra Haza” if you don’t know who she is. It’s worth it. Look up at… for example 🙂