Stories Without Words: PROJECT

There has been project on WordPress which fascinated me. It attracted me because of my interests in photography, creative writing and poetry. I’ve been an active participant in blogger Roka’s project:


This project is an appeal to everyone who loves creative writing on the basis of photos, be those snapshots or arranged moments.
The outstanding thing is that most of the shots are made spontaneously or otherwise arranged in a rather unusual way. This makes them an interesting material to write about.

Roka introduces her project the following way:

Many stories unfold in front of each of us everyday. Some of us are lucky enough to have a camera handy and are able to capture it so that we may share it with you. The photographer knows the story – or at least what was real for them when they took the picture. You know a different story. We want to hear the story what you hear in whichever image, or images, you choose. Please take the time to write it here and share it with us.

The project is quite simple.

  • You visit the site
  • You choose a photo
  • You think about what it might mean and tell you
  • You type down your thoughts, click the “Publish” button and share it with the community.


Go to Isralike’s contributions.


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