Quick note

Sometimes I feel my dreams overwhelming me and enlarging my heart and soul, making me feel greater than life. Me and all my goals I strive for to make true.

And then a moment comes, enough to wipe my dreams away. In a minute. With a tune of some emotional song and some pictures fitting to it. And when I reminisce and realise – my G-d, what was I actually dreaming about?

And ideals vanish, ideas float away, every determination and logic is torn apart and makes these images of hope and wish and desire look so cold and ridiculous, simply too far away and too senseless to be reached.

And there had been a time when I was honestly thinking I might get to that, too.
My mother quoted someone saying “Where there is desire, there are a thousand paths to it, where there is resentment, there are a thousand reasons for it.”

Oh, where to find that boundless desire for all my dreams!…
Oh how to make those dreams and their objects of dreaming not to suffer from my lack of hope sometimes! Not to suffer from time passing by…





Dreams – dreams are always of different kind for different people and also there are two types of how to relate to them in your life, that’s what I have found out recently.

There are two ways how you can deal with dreams and both are unavoidable in the process of completing a dream:

– you dream it

– you live it

And these are two different things!

Dreaming a dream and living it can be even comletely opposed one to each other! It is like living according to an ideology, too often in contrast and connected to more consequences than its only proclamation. This is also the “battlefield” on which dreams and desires about to come true are being proved of their ability to sustain in real life.

Anyways. Here I didn’t want to speak about the value of a dream. It’s just that I noticed that there are not only the different attitudes towards living and having a dream, but for both of these qualities one can find the right people.

There are people, friends, who are very good at dreaming with you together, who very well know how to bring to your mind certain ideas, visions, who are the best at inspiring you and give the “material” for thoughtful days and nights and so provide you with the reason and strength for spiritual growth.

And on the other hand, there exist others who you will find to be the right ones to be with you at certain moments, to say the right words which will make you go on, to help you physically and mentally to go on… Who will be the ones to support you on your way towards fulfilling a dream and not only with a word but by staying by your side and participating actively in your life. Not only “behind the stage”.

And some of them you cannot comine and convince to be part of everything. Just as there are a few number of persons who are talented in each sense, both science and languages and economics and art, the same here. We have to know to chose the right people for the right moments. And if we are filled with the desire to share with our friends each aspect although we even realise it can’t help them, they don’t know what to do with this  all – well then sometimes one comes to realisation above and may take the chance and grow from this experience. Use it as additional reflection of one’s life.

I have friends like these. I know such people and if you love both kinds of them, those for dreaming and those for living, it’s pretty difficult to divide between them.

But as one of those friends who help me to think and to dream, said to me once:

The ability to go on depends on the ability to let go. To chose what to give up and what to take… difficult question, right?

…and never to forget – it’s all part of ONE unity, ONE dream, ONE life.

Think about it. You may ask.